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2992: How to Spot a Trickster w/ Stephen Spinola

The Keith Malley School of Trickster Awareness; driving for Uber; driving Steven Tyler; how to mine cryptocurrency; Gilbert Gottfried hates Stephen; hospital food December 6, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Reunion: We have old friend Stephen Spinola in studio visiting from Nashville and updating us on his new life
  • — Catching Shitbirds: Keith shares his philosophies on parenting and trickery
  • — Family Man: 72% of listeners think Keith would be a good stepdad, 82% think Keith will get along with Kyle's kids, and 69% think Keith would make a good parent. Stephen recounts his childhood experiences with his stepfather and his plans to start a family with his fiancée.
  • — Making A Living: Stephen drives for Uber and Lyft. We talk driver robberies and being the chauffeur for Stephen Tyler.
  • — Good Scam: A New Jersey man got into a car thinking it was an Uber and was robbed by the driver
  • — Straight And Narrow: Since Stephen moved and got engaged, he is smoking less weed and has started some new wacky business ventures
  • — No Tricks: Stephen recounts his wild ride driving Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler
  • — Breaking Even: Stephen is mining cryptocurrency with computers he built himself
  • — Bad Impressions: Stephen opened for Gilbert Gottfried at his home club and now he's on Gilbert’s shit list
  • — Jello And Rolls: The gang discusses the disgusting food and treatment they've received in hospitals

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