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3006: 11th Annual KATGuh Awards

The 2018 KATGuh Award Nominations January 13, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Keith and Chemda are ready to announce the 11th annual KATGuh nominees featuring music from Mark Douglas and Bianca Brady
  • — Best Drunk: Bert Kreischer - Bert Visits AA; Kevin Doucet and Mark Douglas - Kevin Doucet Woos Chemda; Dan Soder - John Linderman Woos Keith
  • — Most Chemda the Slob Moment: Kyle Thompson - Chemda's 2-Star Rating; J.P. McDade and Conor Delehanty - Chemda's Furniture Picture Part 1; Andrea Allan and Bianca Brady - Chemda's Furniture Picture Part 2
  • — Most Touching Moment: Dave Nadelberg - Keith's Dead Ex-Girlfriend; Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin - Andrea's Mental Health; Kyle Ocasio - Keith's Mom's Dementia
  • — Best Rant: Meaghan Strickland and Tim Lamphier - Blah Blah Blah aka Keith Hates Having the Answers; Vicky Kuperman - Keith vs. Kentucky; Stephen Spinola - Keith on Tricksters; Andrea Allan - Chemda on Comics Not Knowing What to Say
  • — Best Fight: Andrea Allan - Chemda's Aggression; Carrie Gravenson - Keith's Medicine; Lucie Pohl - Keith, His Date, and Mr. Rogers' Movie; Jesse Joyce and Christian Finnegan - Jesse Doesn't Watch His Own Show; Lucie Pohl - Keith vs. The Locksmith; Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin - The Toothbrush/Fur Coat/Charger Debate
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Leland Long - Chemda's iSex; Andrea Allan - Chemda helps Keith and Andrea Date; Calvin Cato - Keith Defends Steak Microwaving; Myq Kaplan and Jessica Watkins - Keith on the Star Wars Poker Scenes; Gilbert Gottfried - Gilbert Reenacts WWII; Subhah Agarwal - Subhah, L.A., and Chlamydia; Brother Love - Brolo's Celebrity Sex Math
  • — Best Relationship Catastrophe: Carrie Gravenson - Toothbrush's Break-In; Casey James Salengo - Chemda Announces Her Divorce; Ryan Schutt - Chemda's Final Couples' Therapy Appointment; Lecy Gorenson - Dating Becky Connor; Erik Bergstrom - Erik's Cruel Poems; Mara Marek - Mara's Ketchup Abuse
  • — Most Goofiest Moment: Billy Procida - New Sex Terms; J.P. McDade and Conor Delehanty - Keith's 2nd Orgasm Sex Move; Calvin Cato and Carmen Lynch - Chandelier Porn (Knowing the Crazy Rich Asians); Judy Gold - Keith Discipling Children; J.P. McDade and Conor Delehanty - Keith Tries to Tell a Story about Lenny Dykstra
  • — Most Shocking Moment: John Murray - John's Dead Parents; Kyle Thompson - Kyle's Pedophilictic Stepdad; Lucas Connolly - Robotripping; Kyle Ocasio - Kyle's Night Terror at Keith's Parents' House
  • — Chemda's Greatest Bike Accident aka So What Happened Was: Sean Patton - Unbreakable: Chemda Gets T-Boned by a Car; Tracey Carnazzo - Breakable: Chemda Smashes Her Face and Is Robbed; Dead: Keith Announces Chemda's Destroyed Leg
  • — Best Hero without a Cape: Nick Thune - Should You Fuck with Me?; Kevin Bartini - Kevin Throws Racist Woman; Jay Nog - Babysitter Harassment; Danny Vega - Elite Yelp Status

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