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3029: Combat Speed w/ Ben Katzner and Bianca Brady

Keith's military career; adopted by a different race; social media telling you who died; cops play Russian roulette; The New York Times and Whitey Puzzleman's Crossword Hour February 21, 2019

Show Notes

  • — AWOL: We have Ben Katzner in studio learning about Keith’s Army background and his views on how boot camp can straighten out most any type of kid
  • — Pay To Play: Ben was adopted by a white family, but his adopted father left him as well
  • — Nesting: Ben is in a long-term relationship with his live-in girlfriend, and his sister has 7 children
  • — RIP?: Like Keith, Ben found out via social media that one of his high school enemies has died Evolution: St. Louis police officer Nathaniel R. Hendren was charged with the death of fellow officer Katlyn Alix following a quick game of Russian roulette
  • — Whitey Puzzleman: We hear a section from Last Week on KATG featuring Bianca Brady discussing her New York Times crossword puzzle supplemental podcast

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