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3039: Breaking Through w/ Richie Tolway

Travelling the globe to find yourself; winning the TV game show Paid Off; Thailand's happy ending massages; travelling with depression; romance halfway around the world March 15, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Find Yourself: We have Richie Tolway in studio recounting the adventures he had and what he learned about himself while travelling the world
  • — In The Red: Richie competed on the TV game show Paid Off and won money to pay off his student debt. He didn't pay it.
  • — Eat, Pray, Whack Off: Richie discusses Thailand's happy ending massages
  • — Restless, Irritable, and Discontent: Richie discusses traveling with major depression and getting off his medication
  • — Bang Cock: At the end of his journey, Richie had a romantic fling with a lady he met at an AA meeting in Bangkok


Richie TolwayRichie Tolway

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