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3485: 14th Annual KATGuh Awards

The 2021 KATGuh Award Nominations January 5, 2022

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Show Notes

  • — The 2020 KATGuh Award Nominations
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Jess Wood - Chemda Learns of Hilaria Baldwin; Irene Tu - Keith Reviews In the Heights; Chemda as Mark DeMayo; New Jeopardy! Host
  • — Most Heartbreaking Moment: Courtney Maginnis - Courtney’s Rape; Paul Hooper - Paul Hooper Finds Clint Nohr’s Body; Newsy - Newsy’s Crying Blowjob
  • — Most Goofiest Moment: Newsy - Chemda’s Puppuccino; Newsy - Big Proud Boasts; Newsy - Sniffies
  • — Best Fight: Wyatt Cenac - Wyatt Cenac vs. Jon Stewart; Keith vs. Craig Klein: Mortal Kombat; Casey Blasham - Keith vs. Kyle Ocasio: In Plain Sight; Karen Morrow - Keith vs. Chemda: The King of Staten Island
  • — Biggest Political Statement: Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan; Rod Morrow and Newsy - Dave Chappelle Can’t Let It Go; May Wilkerson - Compromise!
  • — Best Rant: Karen Morrow - Cats vs. Dogs; Ross, Rachel, and the End of the World; Ophira Eisenberg - Keith’s Squid Game Review; John F. O’Donnell - Fast Food Etiquette



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