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3632: No Follow-Up Questions w/ Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris joins the gang to discuss the passing of Richard Belzer (aka Det. John Munch) and our dumb world, including a preschool that put 2-year-olds in blackface, a study showing the correlation between penis sizes and sports car purchases, and how women can seduce any man they want. (Spoiler: be hot as fuuuuck.) February 20, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Det. John Munch, R.I.P.
  • — Dispute over free McDonald’s cookie leads to gun-pointing
  • — Alaska woman kills best friend after stranger says he’ll pay her $9 million to videotape the murder
  • — Miami preschool puts 2-year-olds in blackface
  • — University confirms that men with small penises more likely to buy flashy sports cars
  • — How to Seduce any Man
  • — Lawyer’s gun triggered by hospital MRI scanner, shoots self in the stomach


Jordan MorrisJordan Morris

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