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3657: Age Restriction w/ Carmen Lagala

Carmen Lagala joins Keith and Chemda to discuss love, anxiety, and Motley Crüe. April 25, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Reaching out to exes
  • — Love and anxiety
  • — Chemda’s Medicate & Paint adventure
  • — Marathoners love pooping their pants while running
  • — 41-year-old man spends $170,000 on leg surgery to gain 5 inches
  • — 80-year-old Joe Biden announces his reelection run
  • — 97-year-old Dick Van Dyke crashes his car into a gate
  • — Tiger King Joe Exotic announces his presidential run from prison
  • — Russia fines 70-year-old woman 40,000 rubles for being overheard saying that Ukraine's President Zelelnsky is “a handsome young man” in public
  • — Mick Mars and the rest of Motley Crüe are saying the other one fakes their performances
  • — Chemda’s circus adventure


Carmen LagalaCarmen Lagala


Carmen Lagala
Carmen Lagala
Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars
Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars
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