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3715: A Wonderfully Exquisite Hour w/ Myq Kaplan

Hi! We sure hope you’re having the most enjoyable day ever and that the near future is everything you hope for it to be! Please? We pray everything is so good for you! September 12, 2023

Show Notes

  • — Aaron Rodgers, who tore his left Achilles in his first game as a NY Jet, is out for the rest of the season
  • — A Chinese couple has been trying to conceive for 4 years through the asshole
  • — A gender reveal in Mexico causes a plane crash and a pilot’s death
  • — Hacked baby monitors
  • — Realtor caught sipping milk from seller’s fridge
  • — The 666 bus in Hel, Poland changed to 669 after Christian complaints
  • — Heart Brain Art Train/toxic positivity


Myq KaplanMyq Kaplan

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