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Shane Mauss

Comedian known for his appearances on Conan, Comedy Central Presents, and for hosting the podcast Double Date.
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KATG 1526: Anything for a Woman

I'm done, like, y'know, bein' the Mr. Nice Guy. January 31, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Some Time: Shane Mauss is back in New York for the first time in two years
  • — Busying Himself: Conan O'Brien pronounced Shane Mauss' last name as Mouse, and Keith thinks it's disrespectful
  • — Obligatory: 61% of listeners have had sex with someone they didn't want to
  • — Long-Term: Shane has had 4 1/2 sexual partners because he's a serial monogamist
  • — Well-Spoken: Keith reads Deandre's letter to him out loud over the phone.
  • — Bottom Shelf: Deandre's girlfriend broke up with him after he wouldn't send more money for the expensive name-brand abortion
  • — Deaaaaaandreee: Chemda channels Deandre's ex and talks like a little girl
  • — Math Skills: Deandre tried to find out if his girlfriend was scamming him through Google
  • — Fun Girl: Shane's ex-girlfriend blamed him for not having a Sex And The City lifestyle, so she asked for an open relationship then got jealous of him despite his lack of out-of-the-relationship sex
  • — Three Times Yesterday: Shane thinks sex is overrated, but Keith and Chemda think he's just having boring sex
  • — Tits: Shane's current girlfriend, comedian April Macie, has a more exciting sexual history than he does
  • — Admitted Alcoholic: Shane doesn't know his drinking limit because he doesn't feel how drunk he's getting, but his friends make sure he gets home okay


Shane MaussShane Mauss

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