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1203: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You're now up for a Keith and The Girl Award. June 18, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Amateur Unicorn Porn: Stuckey and Murray fuck a shoddy unicorn, youtube watchers are dissatisfied by the absence of a real unicorn
  • — The Fuxedo: A jumpsuit that looks like a real tuxedo, coming soon
  • — Out Fat-Fucking Each Other: Fast food restaurants compete in creating more ridiculous fatty sandwiches, like the McDonald's Gang Bang
  • — Old School Recycling: Parents recycle quarter water bottles for milk and Wonder Bread bags as lunch bags & boot-lining
  • — Super Retarded: A fan writes in about how he believes people will die if he doesn't fold his shirts properly
  • — Candle Success: A fan uses an ear candle and removes a giant scab
  • — Breaking Up: A fan's boyfriend would tell her he hates her, but he still wants to marry her
  • — American Rebel: Keith sneaks extra pieces of toilet paper at his parent's house
  • — Simulate Sex: A fan sees his neighbor's children rubbing their penises and butts together, and he wonders if he should tell someone
  • — A Clit Lip: The middle of Andy Rooney's lip hangs down erotically

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