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1268: When Doves Cry (A Period Piece)

At least I have the decency to not talk about it like it's real. October 7, 2010

Show Notes

  • — That Still Your Bag?: Keith assumes that when any lesbians hang out together, they must be dating
  • — Invite Them In: Keith and Trey's dads had high hopes of converting door to door evangelists
  • — Jehovah’s Witness: Ingrid goes door to door as a child handing out bibles before the Apocalypse
  • — Ass Play: Keith admits he would be into strap-on sex
  • — Horror-ble: Keith is just giving away shit he finds around the studio as Bingo prizes
  • — A Piece Of Work: Joan Rivers' life is celebrated by Keith's generous and graceful impression
  • — Comic-Con: Nerds make giant convention centers feel claustrophobic
  • — I Can't Even!: For a world that's so futuristic and technologically affluent, most people suck at computers
  • — A Period Piece: Ingrid won't hire you for a movie shoot if you're about to have your period
  • — +15 Magic!: You can't rob a bank and still enjoy Dungeons & Dragons conventions
  • — Hell In A Cell: Pro-wrestling is a reasonable sport for reasonable men
  • — Working Smart: John Cena joins The Nexus, changing the face of the WWE
  • — Sex In The City: I'm Samantha! I want to tell you more about myself but I have a penis in my mouth!
  • — Glad We Did Some Good: Trey touches the Undertaker in an airport
  • — Boobs: The Wrestler was a one-note movie
  • — Is That What I Said?: A New Zealand television news anchor can't stop laughing at Sheila Dikshit
  • — @ShhDontTellSteve: Another Twitter account is being turned into a TV show
  • — Cinematic Porn: Ingrid tries to cast Keith in her porno, and Chemda doesn't flash her boobs anymore
  • — Lullaby: A play in London puts people to sleep on purpose
  • — Backpack!: Caitlin Sanchez, the 14 year-old voice of Dora The Explorer, is suing for being forced to sign a bad contract
  • — BYOF: Wedding trends have people spending $7,500 on feathers and renting fake doves

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