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Trey Galyon

Comedian known for his album The Moronic. Live at Creep Records: The Moronic?:
Trey Galyon has been on 23 shows

KATG 3765: 16th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

The 2023 KATGuh Award Winners January 19, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — Best New Guest: Chris Turner
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Nick Turner and Nick Vatterott: Mitch McConnell Quantum Leaps
  • — Best Rant: Trey Galyon - Put Your Dick Away
  • — Most Goofiest Moment: Keith Malley - Keith on Acid
  • — Best Sexual Moment: Chris Turner - The Penis Bone improv rap
  • — Most Emotional Moment: Craig Klein - The News
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