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1273: Soul Sister

Sometimes I forget other people can hear us. October 15, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Love Happens: Keith's in love, so he must watch all the shitty romantic movies ever made
  • — Customer Service: PizzaExpress in England is teaching employees how to flirt with customers
  • — Penis Pics: Apple patents a program that blocks sexting between teens
  • — Bud Chaser: Murray's beer is the first home brew that Keith enjoys
  • — Poverty: A British jeweler coats two iPhones in diamonds, worth $8,000,000 each
  • — Pain Levels: A research study has people getting punched by robots over and over
  • — Probed In Chelsea: A UFO was spotted over Manhattan, prompting everyone to lose their shit like it's Cloverfield
  • — The Fuxedo: Keith patiently awaits his Fuxedo, the latest in gentleman's formal wear
  • — Fling: Gavin Rossdale dishes in Details magazine about his gay love experience
  • — A Bunch of Jackasses: Chemda finds out she likes Jackass, even though there's feces and ball sacks everywhere
  • — Moving On: Keith isn't mature enough to handle the thought of Chemda fucking another dude
  • — Unethical: Two dogs and a cat were killed in the house fire that firefighters refused to put out because the homeowner wouldn't pay the $75 insurance fee
  • — This Is America!: Bill O'Reilly offends Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar so much that they walk off of their own program. True professionals.
  • — GTL: Snooki nabs her own reality show as MTV continues milking the Jersey Shore franchise
  • — Rehab: Michael Lohan threatens alcoholism so he can love his daughter better
  • — Shots!: Bar etiquette continues to be ridiculous and confusing
  • — To Test Or Not To Test: Another AIDS scare plagues the porn industry, halting production at major studios
  • — That's Gay: Anderson Cooper takes offense at Vince Vaughn using the word 'gay' in a movie trailer
  • — Making Out: Christina Aguilera is into chicks. No one is surprised.
  • — Good News: Dane Cook's half-brother is caught stealing millions from him
  • — Bullshit: T.I. fabricates his rescue of a suicide jumper to try and get probation
  • — No More Sympathy: Four more miners are trapped underground, this time in Ecuador

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