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1349: Six Years Down

You guys both deserve to get away from each other. March 7, 2011

Show Notes

  • — The 7-Year Itch: If the show makes it one more year, there are at least three left, according to some made-up rule
  • — It's Your Fault: Keith's parents blamed him for their almost-divorce, and Myq Kaplan’s parents blamed his sleep habits for their marital problems
  • — Dip Your Fingers In Chicken Broth: Myq went to therapy to get rid of his nail biting problem, but he still bites his nails
  • — Still Selling: What Do We Do Now? has been out for a year. What a coup!
  • — Refunds: The Great American Novel is on it's way in audio form. If you don't laugh within the first 30 seconds, get your money back.
  • — You May Bow: Lucas really isn't allowed to talk to the guests, but he can bow. But he can't explain why he's bowing.
  • — Out The Fucking Door: Team KATG shirts are on sale for KATG's six year anniversary
  • — Skippy: Myq can't eat the peanut butter he just bought because of a recall, and Keith equates creamy peanut butter to reading about how Shania Twain was raised
  • — The Top 5: Who will open for Keith on his birthday? Vote now!
  • — Not Gonna Fix It: Myq's grandma gets someone fired at NBC, and Keith gets a letter from an executive about not being able to vote on the Stand-Up Contest
  • — The Letter To End All Letters: Keith writes a letter to Continental Airlines in regards to his horrendous experience with them over the holidays
  • — #Don'tTrickMe: Don't Follow Friday yourself. It's tasteless.
  • — Batman: Daniel Kish is blind and gets around via echo-location, like a bat.
  • — The Oldest They've Ever Been: Brother Love calls in and reminisces about his favorite moments from the year
  • — One Of The Best People I Knew: Mike De Stefano passes away from a heart attack
  • — Camp Counsellors: Myq is dating someone who he used to go to camp with, and he definitely would never have cheated on Myka with her
  • — Making Out: Don't kiss Myq and just assume he wants to have sex with you
  • — Should've Planned Better: Charlie Sheen's Internet show, Sheen's Korner, is fucking horrible.
  • — Legal Noise: Charlie Sheen is setting himself up to make millions this year without ever leaving his bed
  • — I Invented Solo: A guy jumped out of a plane and said Charlie Sheen, that's solo! That other garbage is for the trolls and I'm tired of losing my gold into the fucking ethosphere of stupidity.
  • — Obscene: The guy who wrote a book about how to be a pedophile goes to jail over obscenity laws involving his book. Liberals everywhere pretend they didn't support this guy.
  • — Inside Job: Keith watches the Oscar winning movie and takes a stand on what happened to America
  • — Fuck Children: Keith and Chemda present Myq his KATGuh Award for Best Live Musical Performance
  • — Happy Anniversary: Lauren presents a gift from her and Cat to celebrate Keith and The Girl's six year anniversary


Myq KaplanMyq Kaplan

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