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1554: God Damn

Fuck me?! No! Fuck you! March 15, 2012

Show Notes

  • — In For A Treat: Stuckey and Murray, probably Keith's favorite musicians of all time, make their triumphant return to KATG
  • — Wuh-kusszzhh: Stuckey is no longer spontaneous due to having two kids and a day job directing Guy Code, MTV2's most successful show ever
  • — 40 Regular: Keith got a rare and collectible Stuckey and Murray album directly from the source
  • — Maybe Another Weekend: Stuckey and Murray play a brand new song that doesn't sound finished
  • — Pee On The Ground: Stuckey has type 1 diabetes and depends on his math skills to survive
  • — The Ol' Switcheroo: Stuckey and Murray have never ever had to fight each other
  • — Two-Two-Three: Stuckey and Murray perform their oldie waltz 'Favorite Things'
  • — Baby Someday: Keith and Cat have decided against a wedding registry and hope to get cash instead
  • — This Mess: Stuckey and Murray performed at the University of Texas and got slammed onstage by an old lady
  • — Smallest Globe In The World: Keith and Chemda regularly hurt the feelings of fat people and foreigners
  • — Stuff And Things: Stuckey and Murray sing the most generic love song of all time
  • — Insult To Froot Loops: A plastic surgeon hired a band to make a music video featuring the words 'Jewcan Sam' and gave the lead singer a nose job
  • — Clowned: An Arkansas teenager accidentally prank-texted a cop that she'd hidden a body
  • — Driven: A New York City food truck employee stole the truck and sold hamburgers on his own
  • — Finish Line: Dustin Hoffman's show Luck was canceled after three horses died on-set

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