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1631: Always the Bridesmaids, Never the Batman

Try to cheat on me, just - just so I can show you what I do. July 31, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Cleanse Your Palette: 1,300 UK pedophiles were arrested, including 50 police officers
  • — Sir: A representative of Home Depot contacted Keith and Chemda attempting to resolve the doors problem
  • — Plot Hole: Keith tries to deal with those upset at his displeasure of The Dark Knight Bores The Audience To Tears
  • — Plain Sight: Peter Grossman shares his experience with the paparazzi and the Kristen Stewart scandal as magazine/paparazzi liaison for Us Weekly
  • — Cool Guy: Bret Michaels separated from his lady of 16 years, Kristi Gibson
  • — Squeeze: Katy Perry is dating douchebag John Mayer
  • — Legacy: Peter does High/Low with his kids every night

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