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1682: Kickstart My Heart

I'm so funny when I'm naked. November 2, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Used To Date: Gaby Dunn is back, this time with her ex Josh Gondelman
  • — I Have Had A Day: Rappers like to start songs with laughter and requests for more bass
  • — Have A Baby: The iPad Mini is exactly what consumers weren't looking for
  • — We Do Some Scientists: 79% of listeners think Marcus Queer of Somerset, PA is a liar
  • — Powerless: The New York Marathon is still on despite NYC's devastation. This just in: it's canceled.
  • — Fallout: Gas stations all over New York are running dry. NYC's rat population dropped due to flooding.
  • — Pretty People: A Brazilian model took pictures of herself in front of wreckage and the Internet made fun of her
  • — They're Gonna Walk Soon: A 13-foot shark was punched in the face by a Hawaiian
  • — Taste Test: A British man handed out bags of cocaine to trick-or-treating children
  • — First Of All: A jeep jumping the US/Mexico border got stuck on the fence
  • — Don't Do That Thing: Gaby was in an abusive relationship that poisoned her against romance. Josh and Gaby gave it a go anyway.
  • — Retard Factory: Josh is so nice that he does more harm than good
  • — Constant Party: A new KATG 30-Hour Marathon may or may not be coming up
  • — Invent A Lightsaber: George Lucas is donating the proceeds of selling Star Wars to education
  • — More Pop: Taylor Swift didn't win anything at the Country Music Awards

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