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1685: Red and Blue

I was very polite, and I decided not to tell you until we were on air. November 7, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Back To Chicago: Barack Obama opens the show today with an inspirational victory speech
  • — Bigger Issues To Tackle: Rich Vos bugs out over a dragonfly picture in his coffee cup
  • — The Rabbi Opened For Me: Rich killed at his bar mitzvah
  • — Genius Points: Chemda's brother Michael calls in to explain why you voted for Obama
  • — Modern American Values: Gay marriage and weed are more popular than ever
  • — Your Own Little Senate: Linda McMahon, wife of WWE's Vince McMahon, ran for Senate and lost, again, and spent $77,000,000 trying
  • — 80% Sincerity: Are red states any more backward than blue states?
  • — If You Believe In That: Bonnie McFarlane explains God to her daughter
  • — Anything For Comedy: Lalalemon wins the 2012 KATG Hottest Girl Contest and Bonnie has some thoughts on it
  • — War On Women: Bonnie and Rich prove that women are funny in their new semi-documentary

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