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1698: Off-Mic

I hate sandwiches cause I'm lonely. December 14, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Super Comfortable: Myq Kaplan wore a vegan shirt sent by PETA. Mike Lawrence wears comic book shirts to find like minds.
  • — I Love That Company: Mike got on an airplane that had already closed its doors by way of his wrestling shirt
  • — Droopy Dog: Danny Hatch is losing weight and is insecure about it
  • — Leaflet: Myq knows that no one wants to hear about his veganism
  • — Disclaimer: Mike doesn't like Star Wars. Chemda considers pretending to have seen it.
  • — Creative License: Chemda's new Christmas CD got lots of good reviews that are fun to read in different voices
  • — Hatch Snatch: Danny's impression of Chemda is not good
  • — A Gay On Turds: Myq wants less wordplay in the world so he can have it all to himself
  • — Moo And Oink: Food that talks to you is apparently appetizing.
  • — Rock Hudson: Being gay hasn't always been a blast.
  • — Movie Marathon: Going to bed sucks. Artists stay up late.

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