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1729: And You're Ugly, Too

And I flew across the country with shit on my pants and on my leg. February 20, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Veterans Day: Joe List, with whom Keith got into a Twitter entanglement, is in the studio
  • — Negative Reinforcement: Chemda was a positive influence in comic Jake Young's life after she called him out for playing video games during a show
  • — Win-Win: Adam Brown is relieved that Brother Love is Keith's best man, but now Keith is out of the running for godfather of Adam's unborn child
  • — It Happens: Joe has been sober for almost 2 months, and his bottom involves breaking someone's table, shitting in a shoe, tracking the shit all over a woman's home, and getting on a plane and flying with poop all over his body
  • — Horsing Around: Keith figures out what is so offensive about calling Kelly Clarkson fat, and he explains how women actually hear that he is is calling THEM fat instead.
  • — Vote or Die: The current standings of the 2012 KATGuh nominations are discussed
  • — Hooligans: Footballer Danny Simpson's father assaulted his son's girlfriend, Stephanie Ward, for making it public that his son was cheating on her with X-Factor judge Tulisa. Keith's fiancĂ©e was roommate's with Stephanie Ward and knows her real character.
  • — You Never Give Me Your Money: An NYPD officer is selling letters that John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman sent him for $75,000


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