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1731: Nerd of Mouth

A Times Square Spider-Man slugged a woman. February 22, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Sodageyser: Keith accidentally made a giant, sticky explosion in the studio's kitchen when he tried to beat the Sodastream machine at its own game
  • — Taxi Driver: 10,000 NYC cab passengers cast their Oscar-winner predictions; they're probably wrong
  • — High Art: The Razzies announced their worst-of nominations, and Mike Lawrence airs his grievances with the cinematic masterpieces Liar Liar and Enchanted
  • — Sins Of The Father: Mike's dad is a now-sober alcoholic, and he missed Mike's birth because he was suffering from alcohol-related pneumonia at the same hospital
  • — Justice Friends: Batman and Superman will be co-headlining an upcoming comic book series that details how they met
  • — Comic Book Men: Keith feels vindicated that Mike also hated the last Batman movie, and a Times Square Spider-Man attacked a tourist who didn't pay for the picture her kids took with him
  • — UCBlacklisted: Mike conveys his thoughts about the UCB controversy


Mike LawrenceMike Lawrence

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