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1738: L'chaim

Let me judge the neighborhood: How much is a forty at the bodega? How much are blowjobs in the schools? March 5, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Sensitive Souls: Keith and Chemda are still shaken up about the CPR-less 911 call
  • — Exodus: Ari Shaffir, who is moving from LA to NYC, is in the studio
  • — Civic Pride: Several studies have named New York City the worst city for driving in America
  • — Gun Control: More kids would die in school shootings if teachers were allowed to keep guns because kids are really mean
  • — Only In New York, Kids: A girl in a middle school in Queens had sex with 17 boys to become a member of a gang, and girls in a middle school in Harlem sold oral sex for $1
  • — The N Word Of You Guys: Ari doesn't feel any ties to Judaism anymore
  • — Judge, Pastor And Executioner: An ex-cop priest in Staten Island carries a concealed handgun during services
  • — This Week In Polls: 13% of the audience knows when the world will end and 6% have heard God speak to them
  • — Okay, Sweetheart: The first woman to try out for the NFL as a kicker performed horribly
  • — Progress: Ari hasn't been on a date in a while but now he's mature enough not to have sex with people he hates


Ari ShaffirAri Shaffir

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