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1740: Eight Years Down

When you fuck my son, Ben, do us all the favor and don't ask for permission. March 7, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Milestone: Welcome to Keith and The Girl's 8-year anniversary
  • — Lovely Lady Lumps: Christian Finnegan discusses his father's testicles
  • — Tranny Thursday: Christian's dad might have had sex with a post-op transsexual, and is it fair for a transgendered MMA woman to fight other women?
  • — Glory Daze: Christian doesn't remember meeting Keith through Surf Reality, and he barely recalls trying to score with Chemda back in the day
  • — Sex Swing: Ben Lerman is staying with his boyfriend's mother while his own apartment is undergoing renovations
  • — Lazy Eye: Ben plays a love song to commemorate the anniversary celebration
  • — Speak Now: Ben went to Jessica Delfino's wedding and Keith wants to know if anybody objected
  • — Rough Week: Myka Fox got fired from her job because of 'bad attitude' and her aunt died right after Myka came to visit her in the hospital
  • — Meth-y: Myka discusses her father and whom her father dates
  • — Transformer: Lauren Hennessy reminisces about coming out as transgendered on an earlier episode of KATG
  • — Goddess Bless: Brother Love and Elvis call in to offer some gender-neutral congratulations

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