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1748: Play On

You ask me why they burn that smoke at the conclave? I think it's to hide evidence. March 20, 2013

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  • — J Train: Chemda found herself shoved into a subway car, to her delight
  • — Excuse Me: Chemda got into an altercation with an old lady at the Liza Minnelli show
  • — Piss Water: Keith is a supertaster - one of 15% of men whose taste is deeper than the average person
  • — Dark Knight 101: The Science of Batman is a real course you can take in a real college that costs real money
  • — Fork It Over: A bowl that sold for $3 was recently resold for $2,200,000, and Keith would give the original owner of the bowl a kickback if it were up to him
  • — Sophomore Slump: Keith's KATGuh-nominated impression of a drowning musician makes its triumphant return with a story about the Titanic band leader's violin
  • — Princess Al Pacino Of Sweden: Al Pacino is playing Phil Spector in a new biopic, and Chemda thinks a 72-year-old Pacino looks good
  • — Fickle Pickle: One person on the forums decided he hated yesterday's guest, Tim Dillon, enough to renounce his PFLAG membership, then decided he liked him instead
  • — Banana Peels: Keith thinks 19-year-old Justin Bieber's behavior is his fault and that he wasn't a screw-up at Justin's age
  • — God Hates Flags: A charity founder bought a house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church's headquarters so he could paint the house the color of a rainbow and fly the gay pride flag in his yard
  • — Back On The Camel: Having recovered from the soda ban loss, Bloomberg's new quest is to remove the visibility of cigarettes from bodegas and grocery stores

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