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1777: Healing Hands

Do you know you're fuckin' insane? May 14, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Big Pen Strikes Again: Jeffrey Gurian, who wears 5 scarves and always carries a comically large pen, is in studio
  • — Prop Comic: Jeffrey used to perform using an iron and bags of groceries but had to stop doing comedy because he ran out of ideas for props
  • — Gregarious Isolator: Jeffrey was voted most talented in high school, but he never really felt connected to anybody
  • — Magic Man: Jeffrey knows how to take away peoples' pain with his hands and believes Chemda also has healing hands
  • — King Tut: Jeffrey believes he is an incarnation of an ancient Egyptian
  • — Poor Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie recently underwent a double mastectomy to curb her high risk of breast cancer
  • — Man On The Moon: Jeffrey appreciates Andy Kaufman's originality and doesn't really give a hard-and-fast answer on whether or not he's really dead
  • — #1: Jeffrey considers W.C. Fields to be the greatest comedian of all time
  • — Men-Steal-ia: Jeffrey thinks Joe Rogan is a bully for interrupting Carlos Mencia's set and accusing him of joke-thievery

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