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1854: Group Therapy

with James Hesky September 26, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Meant To Be: James Hesky, the winner of 2012's Philly's Phunniest contest and not the emcee of 2013's finals, is in studio
  • — Child Abuse: James works with special-needs adults, and both his parents are shrinks
  • — Keith and The Girl and The Shrink: James analyzes Keith and Chemda's before-show banter
  • — Called It: Psychologists agree with KATG: Mental adulthood begins at 25
  • — You'll Be Fine: James discusses his hilarious depression and his tendency to over-analyze Life
  • — Married To Comedy: James isn't in a relationship, and he is the only member of his family not to have been married twice
  • — Point/Counterpoint: Chemda and James get depressed after eating; Keith gets full
  • — Homeroom Is Where The Heart Is: Keith's graduating high school class is surprisingly incestuous
  • — Yahoo! Questionable: Keith had to resort to searching Yahoo! Answers, with predictably ridiculous results
  • — Pleasantly Surprised: 89% of KATG listeners side with Keith when it comes to taking away gun permits from ignorant people
  • — Awful Weather Fan: Keith is sticking by his Pittsburgh Steelers through thick and thin
  • — Concussed: An ex-NFL player committed suicide and was found to have the same mental problem, attributed to multiple hits to the head, as other NFL suicide cases


James HeskyJames Hesky

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