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1867: Appealing

with Liam McEneaney and Julia Wertz October 29, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Just Friends: Liam McEneaney and Julia Wertz, who aren't sleeping together, are in studio
  • — The Fartist: Julia wrote a successful comic strip called The Fart Party, and then other stuff happened but who knows
  • — Paralyzed By Jealousy: Julia is an urban explorer who doesn't want Keith to have any of the wheelchairs she comes across
  • — The Crazy Ones: Liam told Keith and Chemda that he was bringing Julia the night before he came on the show because she has a 'crazy story.' (She doesn't.)
  • — Dirt Road Anthem: Country star Jason Aldean's tour bus struck and killed a man
  • — Love 'Em Or Liam: The gang discuss if Liam's off-putting antics are power-plays
  • — The Jonas Acquaintances: The Jonas Brothers have officially broken up, but they're still brothers
  • — The New Hitler: Jimmy Kimmel featured a segment on his show in which children said we should kill everyone in China. China no rikey.
  • — iChildren iAre iThe iFuture: 30% of kids under 2-years-old are proficient in mobile device use
  • — The Biggest Asshole: Liam gets defensive and mean about his album not charting as high as Keith's

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