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1933: Change is Coming

with Rachel Feinstein February 28, 2014

Show Notes

  • — RIP Dick Sister: Rachel Feinstein, who moved to NYC with a guy and his band, is in studio
  • — We Do Not Comment On Legal Matters: Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano is suing Grand Theft Auto V (which Rachel voiced a character for), alleging that it has characters based off of her and her father
  • — Crime And Punishment: 100% of KATG’s listeners think we need jails; Rachel isn’t so sure that the sexting middle school teacher does
  • — Speaking Of Bad People: The gang discusses the Jonnie ‘Paint Your Walls’ Flatbush situation
  • — Keep The Change: A man in South Carolina tried to pay an Applebee’s tab with a $1,000,000,000,000 bill, which tickles Rachel (who likes to throw change on men after she has sex with them) to no end; the top BitCoin trading website filed for bankruptcy
  • — We Shall Overcome: Paula Deen can relate to “the black gay football player” because they’ve both suffered discrimination
  • — Everybody Must Get Stoned: Taco Bell has announced the Waffle Taco, the flagship item on its brand new breakfast menu
  • — All Bets Are On: The gang makes their official, infuriating Oscar predictions

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