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1973: Uninvited

With Jessica Delfino - Sneaking into parties, trying to make new friends, what cheerleaders are paid, punching your 3-month-old to death May 7, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Taken: Jessica Delfino, who has been married for a year, is in studio
  • — Smash Hit: A car driver died in a car crash immediately after posting selfies and a status update about how Pharrell’s song ‘Happy’ makes her so happy
  • — So Many Questions Abound: Jessica sings a song for KATG
  • — The Jessica Watkins Update: Jessica Watkins, the woman expecting not to die from walking across the country, now has food poisoning
  • — Old School Sneaker: Jessica has a habit of sneaking into places, such as Howard Stern’s exclusive Birthday Bash and NYC’s version of the White House Correspondence Dinner
  • — International Superstar: Keith pays tribute to the countries who made his album #1
  • — It’s A Gay Thing: Keith is trying to make new friends
  • — Ay, Caramba!: Limes have skyrocketed in price thanks to Mexican drug cartels
  • — We Ain’t Got The Spirit: A NY Jets cheerleader, claiming she gets paid $3.77 per hour, is suing the organization
  • — Punch-a-Bye Baby: A man killed his 3-month-old daughter after punching her in the face to get her to be quiet

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