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2048: iMolly

With Danny Hatch – iPhone 6, iWatch, and the reviewers; Chemda’s therapy; Joan Rivers remembered; When Danny Attacks; camping on molly; asking strangers for a picture; Jennifer Lawrence pictures revisited September 9, 2014

Show Notes

  • — A Friend Of Molly's: Danny Hatch is in studio
  • — iMonopoly: Apple announced its upcoming iPhone 6 and the iWatch
  • — Goodbye: Chemda talks about her 3rd therapy session
  • — RIPiece Of Work: The gang revisits the death of Joan Rivers
  • — Raspberry Surprise: Danny got revenge on someone’s dog that peed on his backpack in the most primal way
  • — Rolling On The River: The gang recaps their recent camping trip and their adventures on MDMA
  • — Keith asked a group of firefighters in a grocery store if he could take their picture to prove that he always sees firefighters in grocery stores, but it didn’t work out well
  • — In Your Face: Are the pictures of Jennifer Lawrence covered in semen her? The original leaker of the Jennifer Lawrence photos is on the run from the FBI while he threatens to post more pictures for bitcoins.


Danny HatchDanny Hatch

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