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2360: Only in New York

with Carolyn Castiglia – Charlize Theron upset over her beauty and Gwyneth Paltrow deliberately gets stung by bees; the Eric Garner officer punishment; medical students believe fake medical facts about black people; Sarah Palin vs. Azealia Banks; man robs phone on subway and gets hit by a train; raising kids in NYC; electronic voting; Carolyn freestyles April 7, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Mother Knows Best: Carolyn Castiglia, comedian, rapper, single mom and feminist, is in studio
  • — This Week In White Women: Charlize Theron is upset because all of the good roles go to uglier actors. Environmentalist Gwyneth Paltrow pays to be stung by bees so her skin will look nice.
  • — Cop Out: The NYPD officer who killed Eric Garner with an illegal chokehold has been docked 2 vacation days. 111 white medical students believe black people don’t feel as much pain as white people, black people age more slowly than white people, and other lies.
  • — New York Humor: Sarah Palin plans to sue Azealia Banks for tweeting that she should be raped after reading a fake news article that said Sarah thinks black people wished for slavery
  • — Instant Karma: A man was hit by a subway train immediately after stealing a teenager’s iPhone. The gang talks about raising children in NYC.
  • — Vote And Die: After learning about election officials in Arizona who open absentee ballots and destroy votes for candidates they don’t like, Keith wonders why we don’t vote over the Internet. Michael Khalili calls in to explain why that’s a bad idea.
  • — Right Now: Carolyn raps today’s topics

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