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2572: I Got 5 on It

with Nick Turner – Botched stand-up show intros and road work; The Bathtub Show; Cannibal Cop at it again; Grammy results and Oscar predictions; Judy Garland was sexually molested by Munchkins; David Beckham’s angry emails for not becoming a knight; woman dies falling off escalator while pretending to fly; KISS sells air guitar strings February 16, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — So Talented: Nick Turner, known for his performances on KATG Marathons, is in studio
  • — What Is It The gang discusses botched stand-up show intros and road work
  • — Just Hang Your Arm Out Of The Shower: Chemda went to the notorious bathtub show
  • — A Hankering for Flesh: The acquitted Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle admits that he still visits websites dedicated to eating people
  • — 2017 Grammy Round Up: Adele won everything
  • — Movies Are Hard: Nick and Keith make their Oscar predictions while Chemda, opinionated despite seeing any movie ever, joins in
  • — Molested by Munchkins: A book is coming out about the poor treatment of Judy Garland on the filming of The Wizard of Oz
  • — What A Bunch Of Cunts: Soccer superstar David Beckham’s angry emails were leaked after he did not get knighted like he was expecting
  • — Superwoman: Woman dies falling off escalator while pretending to be flying
  • — Kiss Off: KISS is selling air guitar strings


Nick TurnerNick Turner

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