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2593: Jailbird

with Bowen Yang – Fifty Shades Darker and The Belko Experiment reviewed; Bowen vs. Breitbart; Chemda arrested overnight March 19, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — 50 Shades Gayer: Bowen Yang, who saw Fifty Shades Darker to laugh at it on Valentine's Day, is in studio
  • — The Hunger Games Sponsored By Staples: Keith watched the movie The Belko Experiment, and the gang gives some creative suggestions regarding the direction of the film
  • — Tweeting Before A Flight: Bowen tweeted about Sarah Palin being a dummy and was harassed by a legion of Breitbart followers
  • — Excuse Me, I Didn’t Get Arrested: Chemda recounts her overnight journey through the prison system
  • — Family Feud: Chemda discusses if she would jump the turnstile again, her feelings on the MTA and the justice system, and her brother Michael calls in to argue about the correct recourse for an outstanding ticket


Bowen YangBowen Yang

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