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2612: A Case of Mistaken Identity

With Jessica Kirson — Drugs, alcohol, food, and God; gay marriage, health insurance, and Donald Trump; pets and newborns; Caitlyn Jenner removes her penis; Jessica’s baby; Jen Kober; your mom the therapist; Fat Camp; Bill O’Reilly: $13 million payout, Roger Ailes: $20 million payout; Jessica on The Comedian; stepbrother Zach Braff; drunk goggles April 14, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — One Of The Greats: Jessica Kirson, who has been in comedy for 19 years, is in studio
  • — Get On Your Knees: Jessica believes in God and has been in various programs for drugs and alcohol. She hates organized religion but needs a higher power.
  • — A Lot Going On: Jessica is legally married to another woman and has a newborn who had open heart surgery. The current administration is unnerving.
  • — Who Let The Dogs In: Studies have shown that having pets, more specifically dogs, boosts a child's immune system if they grow up with them in the house from birth
  • — It’s Your Show Name: Jessica has a podcast called Fat Pig where she talks about her struggles with weight and disordered eating
  • — Cut It Off: Caitlyn Jenner announced that she had her penis removed
  • — I Had My Father F#ck Her: Jessica and her wife had a baby together
  • — Oops: It was Jen Kober
  • — Mommy Dearest: Jessica’s mother is a therapist that saw patients in her house… while Jessica, a child, eavesdropped
  • — What Happens At Fat Camp: Camp and college molestations, spraying your food with Windex, etc.
  • — The No Spin Zone: The gang explains why Bill O’Reilly paid $13,000,000 to 5 women. Cc: Roger Ailes $20,000,000
  • — The Comedian: Jessica consulted on the movie The Comedian to the point of literally being in Robert De Niro’s ear
  • — Zach Braff’s Stepsister: Zach is Jessica’s stepbrother. Jessica talks about working in show business with a sibling that’s a Star
  • — Don’t Drink And Walk: A teacher made a 13-year-old try to walk with ‘drunk goggles,’ and the student broke her ankle

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