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Jessica Kirson

Comedian known for her appearance on NBC's Last Comic Standing. She has appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and has also been heard on The Howard Stern Show.
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KATG 2612: A Case of Mistaken Identity

With Jessica Kirson — Drugs, alcohol, food, and God; gay marriage, health insurance, and Donald Trump; pets and newborns; Caitlyn Jenner removes her penis; Jessica’s baby; Jen Kober; your mom the therapist; Fat Camp; Bill O’Reilly: $13 million payout, Roger Ailes: $20 million payout; Jessica on The Comedian; stepbrother Zach Braff; drunk goggles April 14, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — One Of The Greats: Jessica Kirson, who has been in comedy for 19 years, is in studio
  • — Get On Your Knees: Jessica believes in God and has been in various programs for drugs and alcohol. She hates organized religion but needs a higher power.
  • — A Lot Going On: Jessica is legally married to another woman and has a newborn who had open heart surgery. The current administration is unnerving.
  • — Who Let The Dogs In: Studies have shown that having pets, more specifically dogs, boosts a child's immune system if they grow up with them in the house from birth
  • — It’s Your Show Name: Jessica has a podcast called Fat Pig where she talks about her struggles with weight and disordered eating
  • — Cut It Off: Caitlyn Jenner announced that she had her penis removed
  • — I Had My Father F#ck Her: Jessica and her wife had a baby together
  • — Oops: It was Jen Kober
  • — Mommy Dearest: Jessica’s mother is a therapist that saw patients in her house… while Jessica, a child, eavesdropped
  • — What Happens At Fat Camp: Camp and college molestations, spraying your food with Windex, etc.
  • — The No Spin Zone: The gang explains why Bill O’Reilly paid $13,000,000 to 5 women. Cc: Roger Ailes $20,000,000
  • — The Comedian: Jessica consulted on the movie The Comedian to the point of literally being in Robert De Niro’s ear
  • — Zach Braff’s Stepsister: Zach is Jessica’s stepbrother. Jessica talks about working in show business with a sibling that’s a Star
  • — Don’t Drink And Walk: A teacher made a 13-year-old try to walk with ‘drunk goggles,’ and the student broke her ankle

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