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2653: Across the Pond

with Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle – England’s Late Nights and The Rabbit Hole; Queen Elizabeth II; touring New York City; fake reviewers; The Mummy revisited; herpes vs. cold sores; free health care?; pig-fucker David Cameron; deadly mushrooms; Apple’s new HomePod; how to interview; Minnesota teens June 15, 2017

Show Notes

  • — To Your Right: Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle, from Late Nights with Iain Lee and The Rabbit Hole, are in studio
  • — She Used To Be So Hot: The gang discusses the value of Queen Elizabeth II
  • — Where Lennon Died: Iain and Katherine talk about their experiences touring New York City
  • — Half A Speaker: The group discusses reviews by people not experiencing what they claim to be reviewing, from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and video games to Keith’s last stand-up album
  • — Show Me The Mummy: Iain and Katherine saw The Mummy in theatres, and Tom Cruise’s career is revisited
  • — Warts Around Your Cock Or Your Fanny: A listener writes in to educate us on the difference between herpes strains and how they can be contracted
  • — Free Health Care?: Iain and Katherine explain the health care system in the UK
  • — Dick In A Dead Pig's Mouth: The bestiality sex scene in Black Mirror is based on a rumor involving former British Prime Minister David Cameron
  • — Amanita Muscaria: The mushroom that Shane Mauss took on air is closely related in looks to another mushroom that is extremely deadly
  • — Shut Up, Alexa: Apple's Siri-voiced speaker for your home was unveiled this week
  • — I Like You Tammy, You’re Funny: Keith reads a back and forth between him and an odd interviewer
  • — Too Stupid To Be Arrested: Minnesota teens tried to steal a cake from a grocery store and accidentally stole the cardboard display cake. They then tried to exchange the cardboard display for a real cake.

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