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Katherine Boyle

The producer of Late Nights With Iain Lee on talkRADIO and co-host of The Rabbit Hole podcast with Iain Lee.
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KATG 3501: 2022 24-Hour Marathon: Cancer Culture w/ Katherine Boyle, Iain Lee, Wendi Starling, Joe DeRosa, and Bianca Brady

Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle say hi from jolly old England, and the gang discusses exes and survival. Iain addresses his ADHD and bipolar diagnosis while Katherine discusses the breakdown of her marriage. Bob’s your uncle! They’re joined by Wendi Starling from Texas to add to the bipolar discussion. She moved into her man’s house to be exclusive after the second date. How exciting! Joe DeRosa joins in as he questions his mental health and Keith learns he has the voice of Seinfeld’s Mr. Lippman and the sex appeal of Vincent D’Onofrio. Bianca Brady gives us a Leukemia update. February 10, 2022

Show Notes

  • — ADHD and a bipolar diagnosis
  • — Crumbled marriages and children
  • — Keith’s voice: Seinfeld’s Mr. Lippman, Keith’s looks: Vincent D’Onofrio
  • — Leukemia wig making

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