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2696: Hell on Earth

with Jena Friedman and Andrea Allan – Deleted yearbook quotes; outlawed vanity plates; Confederate statues; airplane disasters; Taylor Swift wins $1; aggressive ‘actor’ gropes women hoping for a role; stunt woman dies filming Deadpool 2; Pantone’s new Prince purple color August 17, 2017

Show Notes

  • — It’s Not A Vagina Thing: Jena Friedman, comedian and activist, is in studio
  • — Most Likely To Be Gay: 2 recent high school graduates had their yearbook quotes deleted because they were alluding to their sexual orientation
  • — 80085: The gang reviews Alaska’s outlawed vanity license plates
  • — 81: Andrea Allan revisits her mom’s altercation with a neighborhood gang member, and the group discusses how their parents dealt with other adults who were threatening to them
  • — Free Falling: Jena, a plane crier, talks about her friend’s near-death flight experience
  • — The War Of Northern Aggression: The gang talks about the removal of Confederate statues
  • — Symbolic Win: David Mueller, a former radio DJ for KYGO, put his hand up Taylor Swift’s skirt and grabbed her ass while taking a photo. After he was fired, he sued Swift for $3,000,000. She countersued for $1 and won.
  • — A Rape Scene: Jerry Saint Florant insisted that he was just trying to play a bad guy when he groped women during an acting audition gone wrong
  • — I Don’t Want To Talk About That: Joi Harris, a Brooklyn woman who was working as a stunt motorcyclist on the movie Deadpool 2, died in an accident on set
  • — Love Symbol #2: Pantone has a new shade of purple that has been named after the late musician Prince

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