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Jena Friedman

Comedian and writer best known for her work with National Geographic, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Late Show with David Letterman, and for her Seeso special American Cunt
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KATG 2696: Hell on Earth

with Jena Friedman and Andrea Allan – Deleted yearbook quotes; outlawed vanity plates; Confederate statues; airplane disasters; Taylor Swift wins $1; aggressive ‘actor’ gropes women hoping for a role; stunt woman dies filming Deadpool 2; Pantone’s new Prince purple color August 17, 2017

Show Notes

  • — It’s Not A Vagina Thing: Jena Friedman, comedian and activist, is in studio
  • — Most Likely To Be Gay: 2 recent high school graduates had their yearbook quotes deleted because they were alluding to their sexual orientation
  • — 80085: The gang reviews Alaska’s outlawed vanity license plates
  • — 81: Andrea Allan revisits her mom’s altercation with a neighborhood gang member, and the group discusses how their parents dealt with other adults who were threatening to them
  • — Free Falling: Jena, a plane crier, talks about her friend’s near-death flight experience
  • — The War Of Northern Aggression: The gang talks about the removal of Confederate statues
  • — Symbolic Win: David Mueller, a former radio DJ for KYGO, put his hand up Taylor Swift’s skirt and grabbed her ass while taking a photo. After he was fired, he sued Swift for $3,000,000. She countersued for $1 and won.
  • — A Rape Scene: Jerry Saint Florant insisted that he was just trying to play a bad guy when he groped women during an acting audition gone wrong
  • — I Don’t Want To Talk About That: Joi Harris, a Brooklyn woman who was working as a stunt motorcyclist on the movie Deadpool 2, died in an accident on set
  • — Love Symbol #2: Pantone has a new shade of purple that has been named after the late musician Prince

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