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3728: The Old Order w/ Newsy

Fresh from a week's vacation and shot out of a cannon, Keith and Chemda are back for more world judging. Whether it’s about friends making peace, Israel and Hamas doing the opposite, Jada Pinkett Smith’s constant yappin’, or the death of KATG intern/friend/foe Emmy, the duo covers it all. October 16, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — The national phone emergency alert that got many people in big trouble feat. the Old Order
  • — Adam Brown facilitates Keith and Craig making peace
  • — Chemda’s Big Bike Adventure
  • — Israel, Hamas, and Palestine
  • — Europe’s bedbug epidemic
  • — Flag football in the Olympics
  • — Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour – the movie, Saw X, Strays
  • — Jada Pinkett Smith spills tea on not living with Will Smith for these last 7 years, Chris Rock asking her out, and Tupac being her soulmate
  • — Listener Eric lays to rest his right testicle
  • — From CHU & A #136: CLEAR!: Intern Emmy’s death




Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith
Emerald Pellot, RIP
Emerald Pellot, RIP
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