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Old 06-08-2021, 01:53 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Svage View Post
I don't believe Keith was being malicious in asking about those touchy subjects, and like how she said at the end, if she doesn't want to talk about something she has every right to refuse. It's a delicate balance, I think if she knew who Keith was before hand she'd know that Keith is just asking questions for questions sake and wouldn't react in the way she did. Though, she has every right to. Tough situation, but eh, I still enjoyed it. Have her come back maybe she'll lighten up a bit
Yes. Next time maybe we can all tackle George Floyd’s death and Chauvin’s trial
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Old 06-08-2021, 02:05 PM   #22 (permalink)
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3414: Funny That Way w/ Julia Scotti

Originally Posted by SpicyNattoRoll View Post
Okay see and now I'm even more pissed. 20:31 -"Are you comics?" Like did she do ANY research at all on the show or who she was interviewing with?! She couldn't even take the time to listen to ONE episode to get a feel of the show she was going to appear on? Keith and Chemda do all this research on her and she can't even extend the same courtesy?! I'm just at a LOSS.

Yeah, when she said that I gasped! C’mon, do some research! Despite her being a pretty awful guest, Keith and Chemda were their badass selves and gave us a good show. And, I do want to watch Funny that Way to learn more about her and her experiences.
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Old 06-08-2021, 02:12 PM   #23 (permalink)
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I think there's something to artists that write books or have a documentary that think, "Here's the thing all about me, but no follow-ups please. With that said, ask me about exactly what you just saw and already have the answer to."

Also, just a little extra bonus since we're talking, any time the guest questions us about their sound before the show - "But this is how I ALWAYS do it" - it's gonna be trouble. Just lookin back.

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Old 06-08-2021, 03:46 PM   #24 (permalink)
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I shoulda been classier: “Does the penis and clit have the same glands?” THATS what I shoulda said.

Maybe start with asshole talk. No one asks her THAT!

What’s that saying: I’ll ask about your asshole so much you’ll BEG for me to ask about your vagina.
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Old 06-08-2021, 05:04 PM   #25 (permalink)
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I didn't think anyone was out of line. I think, as others have said, she should have known what kind of show she was going to be on. I think Keith said, "can I ask about the surgery," and she said yes, so he asked. She said she didn't want to talk about it, and Keith (I thought) took it well and moved on. She has no obligation to talk about anything she doesn't want to talk about, and Keith had no obligation to tiptoe around it, and when she said she didn't want to talk about it he didn't push it.

I didn't think she was a horrible guest but I guess I wasn't listening with that mindset. I thought she stood her ground on what she did and didn't want to talk about, and that's okay. Better to do that than to pull a whatever-her-name-was and ask to get the show taken down months after it's aired because you realized you said something you didn't want to share. It sounds like she didn't mention the first wife by name in the movie for a reason, so I understand it being a subject she doesn't want to get into on a podcast.

I do agree with the other comments saying she could have done a little research before coming on... it seems like she didn't know the first thing about the podcast or who Keith and Chemda are. I would have absolutely done some research before coming on a podcast I didn't know anything about, particularly if there were certain subjects I knew I didn't want to talk about. This could have gone a lot worse for her if Keith and Chemda weren't decent people.

All that being said.. I don't think Keith was wrong to ask, and I don't think Julia was wrong to stand by what she does and doesn't want to talk about. And I liked the wrap up with Chemda at the end.
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I laughed so hard in the last few minutes with just Chemda when she said "I'm an open book". I just yelled into the ether "THERE it is! Amazing!" It was the last check mark in the "bad" interview category of shows: guest knows nothing about the show, doesn't listen to a single episode, claims to be an open book, then gets offended when you ask her about things she's put into the public sphere.

Maybe the gender surgery question was too far, but I'm undecided and won't vote. Maybe out of line based on age alone? I wouldn't ask my grandmother the same questions I'd ask my Gen-Z niece.

Looking forward to Last Week to hear all the tea!

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Keith I have a solution: THEY-dies and gentle-THEMS
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Even though I've been listing to a podcast that just did three episodes on a doctor that did extensive surgical mutilations of women's genitals in order to make them less "structurally inadequate for intercourse"(side note totally check out behind the bastards, I think that could be a fun crossover episode where the host explains some piece of shit to Keith and gets his reactions), and so the last few days of my life have been preoccupied with telling people about these procedures in graphic detail, I think it was pretty obvious that this guest was going to be uncomfortable talking about her genitals. I think a lot of trans people get sick of cis people being fascinated by their genitals and bringing it up all the time. Idk that I'd say Keith was out of line, but the guest wasn't vibing and I'd say it was more of a not reading the room situation.
Keith certified not a weirdo.
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re: the poll

I voted no.

I don't think Keith was out of line but I wonder
1) If Julia didn't talk about her first wife in this 2 hour documentary that just came out this year, what made you think she would want to talk about her this week?
2) Was there talk of asking her about the surgery in the lead up to booking or would that fall under "listen to one our episodes to hear the kind of questions we ask"?
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Julia Scotti clearly hasn't listened to or done homework on Keith and the Girl - which explains the conflicts. Most shows dont probe like KATG does, so we can fault her for not doing any pre-work - because she has a perspective that many would appreciate hearing about and I am certain that was Keith and Chemdas angle - but we can't fault her for being guarded in that moment.
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