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Mike the Intern

Former pick-up artist and ex-KATG intern.
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KATG 1623: America's Got Talent

She'll bend over backwards to please ya. Really?! July 17, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Chingy Wa-Wa: Mike the former intern has been renamed Sexy Mike for his buffness, but his career is in an unsexy slump despite a year of working under Bobby Flay
  • — Vomit Day: Mike enjoys 2 pounds of cottage cheese with fruit every day
  • — You Foreigners: 60% of listeners understand patriotism according to the KATG forums
  • — Smile: Mitt Romney is withholding his tax records. Keith compares the Romney and Obama ad campaigns.
  • — Shoes And Tomatoes: Hillary Clinton went to Egypt and was shooed away by the populace
  • — Annuity: Hack comic Tom Cotter is a finalist on America's Got Talent
  • — Somebody's Stapler: Donald J. Sobol, author of Encyclopedia Brown, died at age 87
  • — Snow Day: Keith's mom accidentally convinced him that his dad might be dead
  • — Get Your Shit Together: Sylvester Stallone's son Sage died of a pill overdose
  • — Those Things: Michael Lohan and Kate Major made a baby together
  • — Retard Sex: The FDA approved an over-the-counter HIV test for the first time
  • — Because He's A Fuck: An ex-marine befriended his girlfriend's rapist to get evidence for his conviction
  • — Death Stare: Keith shares the name of Chemda's childhood molester with Lauren
  • — Google My Name: The KATG Crew got in trouble for shooting a promo video outside a school
  • — I Hate Music: Keith accidentally hurt somebody's feelings for trying to get off their mailing list
  • — Beatdown: Lauren performed in a rap battle

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