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Moody McCarthy

Comedian known for his appearances on Late Show with David Letterman and Last Comic Standing.
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KATG 1153: Moody

She better be there, this bitch! March 30, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Beer At Seder: Chemda and Moody attend long Seders with nasty food
  • — Weighing The Options: Windows is an abusive relationship, but Keith knows what he's getting. Macs, however, smother him.
  • — Be Careful: A man asks a woman to borrow her cellphone for a call and steals it
  • — Jeremy Is Dating: Jeremy gets stood up by girls on OK Cupid who probably don't know they had a date with him
  • — Online Dating: Most guys have never approached a woman in person
  • — Highway Patrol: It's more suspicious to cops when you drive completely correct
  • — Scary Subways: Two men were stabbed on the subway train with a kitchen knife, one man was killed
  • — The Greatest American Hero: Robert Culp dies from falling because that's how old people die
  • — The Polls: Do people really enjoy McDonald's? The answer is yes. If you lose candy in a girl's poon, do you tell her? The answer is no.
  • — Retractions: Keith and The Girl is more popular than several Somerset church fires, and Chemda's name gets corrected in the paper
  • — Antiques: Number One Action Comic sells for 1.5 million dollars and breaks new record
  • — Pretty Woman: A man tries to save an escort by giving her $100,000 to start a new life, but the trick goes back to whoring
  • — Muscles Marinara: Real old school jerk offs pick fights with the Jersey Shore jerk offs, Judges don't care
  • — One In Five: 50% of Americans say they would vote for a gay president, sex addiction isn't real, and you need to earn $300,000 a year to be rich
  • — Post Traumatic Stress: Comedian Guy Earle called a group consisting of a lesbian and her friends dykes because they were being disruptive
  • — Crowd Work: Hosts introduce comics by being really excited about nothing

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