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Bex Shwartz

Comedian, writer, producer, director, and talking head personality known for her appearances on CNN's Showbiz Tonight and AMC's Date Night.
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KATG 1227: Fried Salad

I'm bringing a priest and an executioner. We'll see which one I use. July 27, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Let's Do Good: Everyone in America between the ages of 18 and 42 will have to perform national service
  • — Poker 4 Grrrlz: Chemda plays poker with girls and has to explain the rules to everyone
  • — Fight Or Flight: Kyle and Newsy get jacked by a DMX wannabe who gets all up in their face
  • — Speed Dating: Keith has to plan a week of dates for his girlfriend, U!S!A!
  • — Customer Service: Kyle's phone gets cut off after months of not paying, then he flirts with a girl and gets his service extended
  • — Love And War: 84% say all is fair in fucking re: the deceptive Arab Daniel having sex with a Jew
  • — A Bit Much: Oliver Stone says that people don't know that more Russians were effected by the Holocaust because the Jews control the media
  • — The 11 Fattest States: The South is fat because the South is poor and good food costs money
  • — Thymius The Burp Guy: Myq Kaplan is still in Last Comic Standing and still the funniest
  • — Stunt Doubles: A car is driven over a cliff and the fine print read: don't try this at home unless you are supervised
  • — Focus Group Ring Leaders: Creators lurk at your reactions to dumb products
  • — Squatting Con Men: A man breaks into a historical tavern and opens it up for business - starting with a six pack

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