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Dave Waite

Comedian known for his appearances on Live at Gotham and The Bob & Tom Show.
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KATG 1441: Twat?

Look at my computer. Is this your dick? August 11, 2011

Show Notes

  • — My Parents Love Me: Dave Waite went to college on his parent’s dime, which was a total waste because he ended up telling jokes for what could vaguely be considered a living
  • — RIP @KATG_Gunner: Keith falsely proclaims The Gunner’s death on Twitter, which makes Chemda cry
  • — Top 10: Spread the word about KATG so we can bring this party to Double Platinum Diamond Status!
  • — More Pussy Than He Can Handle: A man has a criminal amount of cats in his home, and a reporter pounces on the opportunity to say a dirty word
  • — Do Not Call List: Keith enjoys the opportunity to verbally abuse human beings that telemarketing calls provide
  • — The Most Hated In America: Everybody hates Casey Anthony, Spencer Pratt, Octomom, O.J. Simpson, Jon Gosselin, Levi Johnston, Jesse James, Paris Hilton, Heidi Fleiss, and Howard Stern the most out of anybody ever
  • — The Most Spanish: George Lopez’s talk show has been cancelled and Chemda couldn’t be happier
  • — Titty Tuesday: A boss is being sued for implementing a provocative dress code, among other lewd behavior
  • — Grossed-Out Obese People: A man popped his pimples all over the front of McDonald's. No one was surprised he had arrest warrants.
  • — Complimentary Compliments: Dave is in a long distance relationship with a girl who has distinctive eyebrows
  • — Unsolicited Advice: Dave gets structured advice from different comics about how to deal with the pressure of being on KATG
  • — Wake and Yank: Dave is afraid of hackers stealing video footage of his big dick if he were to have Skype sex with his girlfriend
  • — Just Put It Back: A bunch of stuff was stolen from Amy Winehouse’s house, leaving her family shocked that her junky friends would stoop that low
  • — Helping No One: Bob Forrest wants to put a stop to Celebrity Rehab, and Chemda wants to put a stop to Dave eating chocolate-covered coffee beans on KATG


Dave WaiteDave Waite

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