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Tig Notaro

Comedian known for her appearances on The Sarah Silverman Show and her very popular comedy album Live.
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KATG 1439: Tough Titties

I'm just saying: I caughtchya. August 9, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Mathilde: Tig Notaro's real name may or may not be Carl after her great-great-grandfather whose name may or may not have been Carl
  • — Mississippi Shit Stirrer: Keith will eat or drink whatever the official food or drink of any given town happens to be
  • — You're Ugly: Tig has only been catcalled once, but she got heckled for half an hour straight onstage in Ireland
  • — Agida: Lauren's mom is visiting for eight days, and Chemda is worried about letting her guard down and saying something inappropriate
  • — Awkward: Keith finds Tig hard to talk to
  • — She's So Beautiful: Tig's mom has dementia just like Keith's grandmother and Chemda's grandad
  • — Toothpaste: Keith lost yesterday's poll on domestic cleanliness, but he has a new ally in Tig
  • — Burn It All: Riots are spreading throughout London after police killed a gun runner/drug dealer
  • — Expository: Four men in Florida robbed a family and exposed the husband's infidelity in the process
  • — Not At All: Tig was on Last Comic Standing and didn't watch it because she doesn't like TV


Tig NotaroTig Notaro

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