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Jordan Carlos

Comedian and actor known for his role as Stephen Colbert's "black friend" on The Colbert Report.
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KATG 2355: Bar None

with Jordan Carlos and Sean Patton – Quitting Best Bars in America; doctor masturbates on woman’s face; Elton John sexually harasses male security guard; Victoria’s Secret model sends partner’s dick pics to his mother; Tay the chatbot has another breakdown March 30, 2016

Show Notes

  • — I Am Black, By The Way: Jordan Carlos, who came to the studio the day before he was supposed to and arrived 45 minutes late the day he was actually booked, and Sean Patton are in studio
  • — Keith v Jordan: Dawn of Welching: Jordan backed out of a Batman v Superman bet he made with Keith. Sean has an issue with the state of superhero movies today.
  • — I Faked It For A Decade: Jordan has been married for 9 years. Sean’s girlfriend was very excited to discover Sean would be on Keith and The Girl today.
  • — Best Bros In America: Sean discusses his experience hosting Best Bars in America and sets the record straight on why he and his partner quit after 2 seasons
  • — Dr. Feel Good: A doctor who masturbated on a drugged-up patient's face claims he really just forgot to wash his hands after he 'whacked off' earlier that day
  • — Rocket Man Strikes Again: A former LAPD sergeant who worked as Elton John’s bodyguard for 12 years is suing his old boss for sexually harassing and fondling him multiple times
  • — Dick Pic Shaming: After discovering dick pics and sexts with other women on her non-exclusive Tinder date's phone, a former Victoria's Secret model beat the man up, destroyed his property, and forwarded his dick pics to his mother. Sean can't imagine why anyone would want to send or receive nude pictures, and Jordan can’t remember if he ever has.
  • — Tay 2.Oh No: After removing Tay the chatbot for being too sexist and racist, Microsoft briefly reintroduced her to Twitter only to take her back offline when she had another meltdown

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