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KATG 1531: Veto This Bill

Two garbage guys came by and tried to bang that baby out. February 8, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Good Intentions: Danny Hatch is in the studio after lobbying for an internship
  • — Especially Lucas: Danny isn't allowed to talk to the guests just like the other interns
  • — Pledges: Danny got fired from his telemarketing job despite being good at sounding like a cop, so now he's a Midtown comedy barker
  • — Cosmetic Damage: Kyle was mortified after getting into an accident with Keith's bike, and fixing it took longer than he expected
  • — Caretaking Of Kyle: Laura is Kyle's emergency contact and took care of him after he got a concussion, and she sent an e-mail to Keith defending Kyle
  • — Take Me Bowling: A Fort Lauderdale judge sentenced a man to date his wife out on a date at Red Lobster
  • — I'm Going Now: Laura went on a date with a guy who kept trying to buy her love, then he demanded a real kiss at the end
  • — Shooting In The Dark: A guy from the electric company kept asking Cat when Keith would be home and said Keith would beat him up as some kind of weird flirting
  • — Everything: Laura has to tell Kyle super secret stories when he works on song lyrics with her including one about an abusive relationship from high school
  • — Not A Friend Of Bill's: The abusive boyfriend raped Laura the first time they had sex and it took her years to enjoy sex again
  • — Polyanna: Laura got weirdly touched by a comic at KATG Bingo, then a comic named Mike Amato grabbed her and chased her and restrained her from leaving
  • — Our Song: Laura saw Rapist Bill again at a concert six years later, and he came up to her and acted like nothing had happened. He stood next to her through the whole show.

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