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Sam Kusnetz

Sound engineer and Myq's roommate.
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Hang 50: Ilana Glazer and Sam Kusnetz

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Iliana Glazer and Sam Kusnetz. March 20, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — They're Not Important: Myq welcomes his guests Ilana Glazer and Sam Kusnetz to the show
  • — Life Partners: Myq and Sam, who have been friends and bandmates since childhood, live together in Brooklyn
  • — I Saw The Signs: Ilana engages in some radio-friendly pantomiming, including unfurling her massive penis so the rest of the gang can take it in
  • — The Chosen Ones: The gang tackles Judaism and anti-Semitism - Jews make it difficult to be accepted, so it's their fault
  • — Friends With Kids: Myq and Sam inform Ilana that she is going to have kids when she marries her best friend
  • — And Enjoys Long Walks On The Beach: Ilana does stand-up comedy, likes secular-educated Jews who are atheists, and thinks beliefs are nice
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