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Claire Wiegand

Food stylist and prop master.
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Hang 29: Sean Patton and Claire Wiegand

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Sean Patton and Claire Wiegand. January 6, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — You're A Weird Person: Myq welcomes his guests Sean Patton and Claire Wiegand to the show
  • — Do Not Feed The Gosling: Sean is a comedian and Claire is a Kraft Services chef/freelance Ryan Gosling pineapple-feeder
  • — Nerdcore: Myq and Sean are nerds and Myq feels like a winner every time he finishes reading a comic book
  • — Six-Foot-One-Ittarius: Myq proposes a reboot of the horoscope system, this time based not on birthdays but rather on height
  • — A Bro Grows In Portland: A comic in Portland, Oregon prejudged Myq but then came around to him and his sensibilities
  • — The Place Beyond The Pineapples: Pineapple has been known to make one's semen taste sweeter, so that's good news for all of Ryan Gosling's future conquests
  • — Boo! Grr!: Sean breaks down the differences between the words 'dork' and 'nerd,' using Booger from Revenge of the Nerds as an example
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